I am moving to Nepal

I cannot see a more fitting time to officially open this blog than the day I gave in my resignation at work. In a little bit over a month I will be on a flight to Kathmandu to (semi)permanently settle there. I still remember being in 7th grade and bringing home a copy of a magazine called Croatian geography which, that month, featured a huge story on Nepal and Tibet. I knew nothing about those countries, but I was so mesmerized by the article that I must’ve read it at least 10 times. I knew it by heart and I thought that traveling in that exotic part of the world is a dream that would never come true for me. I never even considered it twice.


In one of those crazy twists and turns of life I, not only ended up traveling there several times, but even married a Nepali guy, Mr.B. Whenever I retell the story of my fascination with a magazine article about Nepal I like to stress out to Mr.B. that I did not marry him just because he was from Nepal. In fact, when I met him and liked him I didn’t even know he was Nepali. I thought he was Canadian. Because why else would this American-looking, perfect accent guy attend an international student orientation at the US university. The only logical explanation for me at the moment was that he is Canadian. Well, it turned out he was not Canadian. It also turned out that he lived across the parking lot from me, and that he liked me enough to take me out for coffee more than once. Not only that, but he was also hilarious and had me laughing all the time which made me fall head over heels for him and marry him 7 years later.

We have been married for almost a year now, and for the past four years we have lived apart, dealing with all the struggles of a long distance relationship. In some ways we are grateful for the distance because we learned so much about each other, and ourselves through the separation. However, it’s now time to finally be together and start our life as a married couple. Dice have been cast and I am to pack my suitcases and head over to Nepal. It is an exciting moment of my life and I cannot wait to see how it will unfold. The Roofs of Kathmandu will follow me on my adventures through the married life in a land of yaks, yeti, rhododendrons and Himalayas.

21 thoughts on “I am moving to Nepal

  1. ah i’m so jealous. I dream of living in nepal. not forever, but at least give it a go for a few years- Mainly to escape the rat race of work in Australia. But right now it’s not really an option for us. Although sometimes I think i should just bite the bullet and do it. How long have you been living there now? Are you planning on working over there?

    • Nepal is absolutely wonderful, and I can totally see why you would want to live there (not that I am biased or anything 🙂 🙂 ).
      I will actually be moving there in a little bit over a month. I do plan to work there – hopefully the circumstances will allow for it.

  2. I bought a thick woollen Yak jumper from a hippie shop back in 1988 in Australia when I was 18, the tag said made in Nepal. Im now 43 and have not yet worn that jumper. Its intention if for MEBC. I have had such an urgency to go to Nepal for 25 years,
    I didn’t care what I would do or what part I would go to. I got my wish, stayed for 2 weeks and did a 10 day trek on a small part of the Annapurna trail on April 26 this year. On that trek I met the love of my life.
    A Nepalese man with a gorgeous soul, quite shy with how he feels and very poor. I did not go looking for someone, I went there to fulfil this urgency I had in going to Nepal. I followed my gut.
    We chat, Skype and face book every day and I miss him like I have never missed anyone before in my life and have talked about spending the rest of our lives together. Im going back for Xmas and new years. I dont know about the future as Im 10 years older, but would love a happy ending like yours Ms. Z.

    • That’s a wonderful story Joann and I hope it will have a happy end! Long distance relationships are never easy but if there is love and trust everything is possible. Even when times were rough (and trust me, they were very rough) I refused to give up on the man I love knowing it would all be worth it some day. Age is no factor here – love is a universal thing, not dependent on age or race. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that you find your happiness in Nepal, just like I found mine. Nepal is a magical place!

  3. I never knew your blog existed, and it is funny as hell and very informative. I am a Nepali citizen living in the US for past 21 years but contemplating on moving to Nepal for good. Thanks for your post.

  4. In 21 years I have visited four times. How long have you been living there? I was born and grew up in Jawalakhel, where do you live?

  5. Ms. Z.
    Hi, Stumbled upon your blog while looking up Nepal jobs. I am a female, nearing 40 & doing well professionally. I am looking to settle out of India. I am looking for job in Nepal, will you possibly know how do I get information on vacancies, is there a job portal or Placement Consultants.
    Pls write to me on acdg08@gmail.com

  6. Dear Ms Z,

    Now I really want to read the article that made you dream about Nepal. If you still have that article, would you please post pics of it or maybe provide the link to that article (if it exists)?

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