Being in a long distance relationship has been my reality for years. Every night I would go to bed alone thinking when I would finally be with my person. Last year I made a leap and moved to Nepal to live with my husband, leaving behind my life in Croatia. This huge step was both exciting and terrifying but I chose to stop being afraid of what could go wrong and instead focus on all the things that could go right. I am currently enjoying my life in Kathmandu.

Interviews with me have recently been featured on the InterNations Expat BlogΒ and Expat Blog. Hop on over there and learn more about me.

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  2. hehe nict to found you here. I m sure you know I have a relationschip with a Nepali. I lived 1 year in Nepal. I loved to life there and all days I m missing. Hope I can back soon. πŸ™‚

  3. Hello! I’ve just finished reading all your posts after finding out about your blog on Internations blog today! It’s brilliant, I can’t wait for a new post! I’m French, living in Ireland for 6.5 years and married to a Nepali :). I’ve never been to Nepal or meet his family, hopefully in the near future!

    • Hi Chloe! I’m glad you liked my blog. I always love to find out about other Nepali-foreigner couples. Before I started this blog I couldn’t even assume there were so many couples like that out there. It’s quite bewildering. You definitely need to visit Nepal! It’s such a wonderful place full of nice people – I am sure you would love it.

    • Oh how awesome! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog. I’ve visited your blog and I’m following you. When are you leaving for India? And how are you coping with the whole thing?

      • I am popping back for Diwali and then moving indefinitely next August. I am feeling so excited and I really cannot wait. I have already spent 5 weeks living with my in-laws so any fears I had about moving to India have already dispelled. I cannot wait to read more about your life in Nepal! How did you adjust to the move? Thank you for visiting my site! Looking forward to hearing from/about you more! x

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  6. I will soon go to Kathmandu and getting very nervous about the whole thing… then I found your blog. Nice posts! I think I can grasp the real picture of daily lives in Kathmandu from your writings. Thank you!
    I will stay in Kathmandu for about 6 weeks. Perhaps we will pass each other in streets? πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for your comment. I am so happy you found my posts useful and they made you feel a bit more relaxed before traveling to Ktm. I am totally sure you will have tons of fun in Nepal. Enjoy!

  7. ms z. found you on the GRENADA EXPAT bulletin. reading your post and the interview link you share above has inspired me to fear forward, to create a unique and intl life – 3rd world style!!

    is there a post you can refer me to that tells about how you found work in nepal and what hoops you had to jump through? i imagine being married to a nepali has opened doors and eased bureaucracy re: employment?

    all the best to you and your family, ms z. take good care!!

    • Hi Fujirox,
      Thanks for your comment! I have not written about finding a job here in Nepal so I cannot refer you to any specific post, but I can tell you that finding a job here is no easy task. If you are an expert in the development field, you are likely to find a position in one of the big INGOs. If not, then you can work as an intern (usually for free) in different organizations and diplomatic missions. It’s kind of difficult to receive a sponsorship for a work visa in a Nepali company as they have to convince the Government they were not able to find a Nepali person for the position, and with huge unemployment in the country, that’s challenging. Moreover, Nepali language is most of the time crucial. I would suggest you look into different international organizations in Nepal (there are soooo many) and try to find something that way. Government of Nepal has started sanctioning foreigners coming to Nepal and working on a tourist visa, so be wary of such arrangements. Good luck!

  8. can’t stop laughing reading your articles and matching the incidents which I have experienced for more than 20 years in my life…yeah the city is terrible and dirty mostly..but you will fall in love with it…
    the way you write catches me to read every articles here…
    currently I m abroad out of my hometown Ktm…but your blog really took me there today…
    Thank you

  9. Put a bookmark two years ago as a reminder to read when I get enough time. Visited again last week. Great style, photos, video…positive attitude, optimism, and definitely a soul/spirit in each post….

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