If you’ve already been to Croatia, I’m sure you are longing to come back. If you’ve never been to Croatia, you should definitely come and visit. Choose summer as it’s the season when you can truly experience Croatian coast and wonderful, clean and warm Adriatic sea. You will want to swim night and day. Trust me. Night skinny dipping is the best. Come and try it.

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2 thoughts on “Croatia

  1. I have been so longing to visit Croatia. My friends drove to Croatia from here in Poland last summer and showed me the pictures… amazing! This year I met a guy from Croatia doing his Erasmus exchange here and he recommended Croatia for our summer holiday so much.. The problem is that Croatia and Poland aren’t connected by budget airlines and since I am a poor student still hehe, I always find better deals with those cheap airlines for other sunny places.. For this year, we have booked Cyprus. But I really hope to make it to either Croatia or Greece (more Croatia) next summer! Btw, do you know some good, cheap route for Poland-Croatia besides by car?

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