Ever since Mr.B. moved back to Nepal some years ago (I think 4) I’ve been diligently  following the news from Nepal. Just to be on the safe side. Mr.B. sometimes runs out of credit on his phone, or the phone runs out of battery, or the Internet is down because there is no electricty, and at those moments I am not able to keep in touch with him. Most of the time I am fine with it, and I know he is OK, but sometimes, when he’s away for too long, I get scared that something might’ve happened, so I go online and check the news. It eventually became my habit and every morning after checking out Croatian news portals I go and take a peek at Nepali ones.

It feels good to stay on top of things and to be able to talk to Mr.B. on new developments in his country, even more so now that I’ve decided to move there. Occasionally I come across some funny news, and sometimes funnily written news, but it’s the unusual ones that mostly catch me off guard. This is what I read recently on

SLC girl gives birth inside exam hall

A girl attending SLC exam in remote Humla district gave birth to a baby inside the exam hall today.

Sangeeta Tamata, who was attending the exam of Social Science, gave birth to a baby boy half an hour after the exam started at Madanadev Secondary School in Panda area, a report said.

The exam supervisors made arrangements for her to sit through the exam one hour later.”

Wow. Simply wow.