Blogging is awesome (most of the time)

Thank you so much, Nepalilovestory, for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. There is nothing nicer than being recognized for your efforts. And when those efforts include something that you love doing, you got a win-win situation.


As per the rules of this award, I am supposed to share 7 things about myself. So here it is:

1. I grew up convinced I am a shy person (because that’s what people would tell me), but I realized later on I am an introvert (I am not shy or anxious around people, I just prefer solitude most of the time)

2. I think they based a Virgo horoscope sign on me. It describes me so well.

3. My favorite thing to do is drive. I always say I could drive to the end of the world. A road trip is the best kind of vacation for me.

4. When I was growing up my dream was to be a hotel manager. That changed in an instant when I did an internship in a hotel. Not so fun.

5. I still hang out with my high school friends, and even though I haven’t seen some of them in 3 years, whenever we get together, it’s like we’ve never been apart. I miss them terribly here in Nepal.

6. Only now, in my 30s, I’m starting to figure out my fashion style.

7. I speak 2 languages fluently and stutter 3 more. I also know a bit of American Sign Language.


The next thing I’m supposed to do to successfully accept this award, is nominate 15 other amazing bloggers. Here are my contenders:

1. Beauty for Ashes

2. Shivaay Delights

3. Taste of Colours

4. Nepal Mero Maya

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To participate, you must…

1. Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Share seven things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
5. If you like, proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

If you’d rather not participate, that’s OK too. Just know you’re appreciated.


Good start to 2014!

Happy New Year everyone! Mr.B and I are wishing you a happy and prosperous 2014.

Now, for the good stuff. Just like that, out of nowhere, my blog was chosen as the expat blog of the month by! Can you believe it? Me neither. Here you can read all about me and share my excitement over this amazing recognition. Thank you!

Remember that time when I was really excited to be nominated for Nepaliaustralian’s blog award? I ushered you all to go and vote for me. Well, my dear and valued readers, thanks to you and your votes I WON! A million thanks to everyone who extended their vote to me. I could not be more grateful! I won the “Most Witty Post” award for my post Anything is Possible in Kathmandu. Doesn’t the award look so shiny and glittery?


Again, thank you all so much!

With love,


Could I possibly be more honoured?

Nepaliaustralian is one of my favourite bloggers who always writes about interesting topics in an amusing and fun way. Oh what the heck, I’ll just say it – I admire her and her blog. So there you have it, I said it out loud. So you can only imagine how happy I was to find out that my blog has been nominated for Nepaliaustralian Blog Award 2013! It was totally unexpected, but oh such a nice surprise! My post Anything is possible in Kathmandu is nominated in a category of Most Witty Blog Post 2013.

In any case, I am not just bragging here. I am sharing this with all of you, my readers, to urge you to go to Nepaliaustralian’s blog and vote for me! Just leave a comment on her blog. Copy and past the following: Most Witty Blog Post 2013-4 in the comment box by clicking HERE.

Thank you!!! I love you all 🙂

small NBA

Recognition, anyone?

When I started this blog, the general idea was to keep in touch with friends and family back home and post photos and updates on my life in Nepal. Somehow, only three months later, I have had many people visit the blog from all over the globe. It’s pretty fascinating, and I find myself spending many hours looking at the visitor stats for my blog. Pretty pathetic, I know, but in my defense, I am unemployed.

I was pretty astonished to find out two of the bloggers (Anne Squared and Dreaming in Arabic) have nominated me for blogging awards! Wow! I am honored, and humbled. Thank you so much! They, themselves, have wonderful blogs that I enjoy reading, so do check them out. I hope no one minds if I sum up both awards in one post. I am aware that’s not how it’s usually done, but what the heck… nothing in my life is usual anymore.

So here it goes, my 15 great-to-read-deserving-of-an-award blogs (in no particular order):

1. onlylivingboyintitirangi

2. Lakshmi Loves To Shop

3. nepaliaustralian

4. meromusings

5. cakes, tea and dreams

6. sophiebowns

7. I’m not lost, I’m just exploring 

8. love, laugh, be light

9. JenSop: The Singing Travel Agent! 

10. Cheeni Thoughts 

11. Join me in my solace!

12. white girl in a sari

13. A soothing voice

14. Choosing His Joy 

15. How to catch a goat by its tail 

I am also to mention seven things about myself. Let’s see…hmmm… I drink coffee in the morning, but milk tea in the afternoon; I love toast and butter and dream of breakfast before I go to bed; I LOVE driving and cannot wait to get behind the wheel in Kathmandu; I am an introverted extrovert (figure this one out yourself); I always sleep on my right side; I absolutely cannot type on iPhone – I am a Blackberry person; dogs were my biggest enemy when I was a child, but now I love them!

And here’s the humbling award.


I would like to thank my family and friends, my parents who ensured of my existence, my husband for the support, my neighbors for all the odd noises early in the morning, neighbor’s dog for scratching sounds in the middle of the night that remind me of rats… you get the gist (this is the part where I accept the award teary-eyed and with shaky hands).

*if you’re nominated for the award and would like to accept it, forward it onto 15 blogs you enjoy reading, list seven things about yourself, and place the image on your blog. happy days.*