Kathmandu Roads vs. me

Happy New Year! It’s amazingly easy for me to forget about my blog these days, and each time I come to write something, I get surprised at how much time passed since my last post.

Today I have a treat for you all. This video I took back in August (hence the flip flops), but just never got around to editing and posting. These are Kathmandu roads on a public holiday. Otherwise you would see a lot more cars and a lot more people. Obviously, this was pre-petrol shortage era. As you can tell, there are no lines by the gas stations.

I know I get in the passenger seat at the beginning, but I am actually driving in the rest of the video. I didn’t really plan my filming sessions that well.



3 thoughts on “Kathmandu Roads vs. me

  1. This video makes me miss Kathmandu even more, though a bit sad because I can’t even remember any area shown in the video. By the way I like the music on the first half, it’s soothing. It’d be great if you continue making videos about Kathmandu! 🙂

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