Stages of discovering leeches in the shower

1. Shock: happily getting in the hot shower and realizing there are small black wiggly animals in it. Proceeding to inspect them a bit closer and concluding it’s leeches. Stare at them in shock.

2. Petrification: continuing to stare at the shower unable to move with fear of them jumping on you.

3. Escape: wrapping yourself in a towel and standing outside the bathroom door.

4. Denial: convincing yourself you must’ve seen it wrong and those could not possibly be leeches in your shower. Where would they even come from!?

5. False bravery: going back in the bathroom for closer inspection. Realizing those, indeed, are leeches, and running out again.

6. Desperation: curling yourself in a ball on the bed unable to process this new development.

7. Cry for help: calling your husband and terrifying him by saying: I have a huge problem.

8. Panic: since your husband can’t help you with this over the phone, running out of the house calling for didi then leading her in the bathroom wide-eyed and terrified.

9. Admiration: lying on the bed admiring didi for her bravery as she swiftly kills and washes away little pests.

10. Fear: being unable to get your feet off the bed imagining how these little creatures crawled out of the bathroom and went straight for your bedroom. Deciding never to shower again – it’s not good for the skin anyways to shower this often.

11. Caution: realizing you stink and definitely need a shower, proceeding to the bathroom with caution inspecting each and every nook and cranny. Giving a shower an additional clean-up even though didi most definitely got rid of everything that was in there.

12. Determination: telling yourself you can do this; you are not a crybaby and stepping in the shower. Wearing your flip flops just in case. You never know.

13. Express shower: showering as fast as you possibly can. Probably breaking a world record in fast showering (if such thing exists).

14. Victory dance: feeling proud of yourself and doing a small victory dance, which is really just twisting and turning to inspect all parts of your body for possible unwanted guests.

True story.

18 thoughts on “Stages of discovering leeches in the shower

    • I was on the verge of packing my stuff and getting on the first plane out of here! I am still freaked out by it even weeks after the incident. Every time I need to take a shower, I try to convince myself I don’t 🙂

    • Yup, not cute at all. I never want to travel anywhere outside of the city during monsoon specifically because of the leeches. Turns out I don’t have to go out to have close contact with them 😦

  1. Oh dear! What an awful experience! Keep your didi in earshot from now on! I’ve only seen leeches outside during the monsoon season and I hope they stay there! However, we have had rats in the pipes (you can hear them) and one time one came up through the drain! My husband was home luckily and was able to kill it. We had to have the drain cover re-cemented. Have a nice day and remember that the monsoon is almost over and the leeches should go away!

    • A rat!!! :-O I would probably move if that happened!
      Thankfully, as you said, monsoon is almost over so I am hoping all the nasty pests will be gone with it.

  2. Oh, wow! I can see why you were freaked out! Did they come up from the drain? We had roaches that were coming out of a toilet drain that my husband didn’t adequately seal during home renovations. They were sneaking out, 2-3 a day, and I killed them all. I hope you don’t have that problem again. 🙂 susan

    • Hahha this made me laugh. I feel so sorry for you! Leeches are the absolute worse! I would rather spend a night with mosquitoes than even have one leech touch me! Don’t worry, leeches will soon be gone with the new seasons 🙂

    • Yes, they came up from the drain. I was using the washing machine and I guess the drain couldn’t handle it, so the water went back up in the tub bringing the leeches with it. Urgh!
      Roaches are pretty horrible too! It’s so hard to get rid of them.

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  4. me too petrified of leeches…. and i happen to live in ktm (don’t have a choice :P) … just curious to know which part of Ktm were u staying?

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