A small treat

Getting out of the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu is always a welcome activity. Kathmandu is charming in its own ways, but living here is a full-time job. So many small things to take care of, so much trouble to go through for just tiny insignificant stuff. It gets tiring sometimes. For me especially. I grew up in a small town. A tiny one, really. I could (and would) walk everywhere. I could get things done in half an hour and spend the rest of the day lazying around. In Kathmandu, when you decide to go out and run an errand, you need to be prepared for a whole day outing. It’s never simple, easy and quick. Therefore, one needs a break from Kathmandu on occasion.

I often try to convince Mr.B we need to get out of the city and go somewhere where we can get a breath of fresh air and relief from the noise pollution. We rarely go. But it so happened that we went out to Dhulikhel just as the view of the mountains was in the midst of its spectacular glory.

Dhulikhel is a small town about 45 minute-drive from Kathmandu that has awesome views of the mountains in winter. I’ve only always heard nice things about this place, and people apparently go there for short and sweet treks. I wouldn’t know, though. Not really sporty, outdoorsy kind of a person. The thought of leaches and other equally creepy beings puts me off. In any case, Dhulikhel offers a number of nice, though modest, resorts. Mr.B and I decided to go just for lunch and not stay overnight. We were not sorry. The weather was perfect, food was good, and the views were beyond expectations. Photos just don’t do it justice. I am serious. I look at the photos and think: this doesn’t look THAT spectacular. But honestly, when you’re there and you can only see mountains all around you, it’s a pretty extraordinary feeling. Highly recommended.

Amazing place to have lunch

Amazing place to have lunch

Wouldn't mind holidaying here

Wouldn’t mind holidaying here

Lovely place

Lovely place

Mountains are gorgeous

Mountains are gorgeous

More mountains

More mountains

10 thoughts on “A small treat

  1. At the time I visited Dhulikhel, the mountains were covered in clouds and view was… not much. But lunch there was memorable 🙂

  2. Hi! I haven’t had time to read your blog for a little while and was so happy to find out that you were in “my neck of the woods!” You went right through our town of Banepa right before you got to Dhulikhel. If the last “hill” you drove over before you got to Dhulikhel wasn’t there, we’d be able to see the mountains too! Anyway, on the rare occasions we can get away, we like to run over there too since it’s only a five minute drive for my husband to get back to the hospital if he needs to. I love it. When you have a chance to get away again and want to spend the night, consider going to Nagarkot and staying at the Club Himalaya Resort. The sunrise views are just so awesome. Wait until the winter though, so your chances of seeing the full 180 degree view is better! Have a nice day!

    • Oh I heard about Club Himalaya, but haven’t had the opportunity to stay there yet, although I’ve been to Nagarkot.
      It sounds like you are staying in a beautiful area, away from the dust and pollution. You guys are lucky!

    • Thank you! I can hardly believe these photos were taken with my old iPhone. I guess when the scenery is that beautiful, photos cannot be bad.

  3. have you ever been Nargakot? Ist like the same as Dhulikhel. And one time you have to visit Namo Buddha, ist near Dhulikhel. Ist a nice place and peasefully. There is a Resort near too. Namo Muddha Resort. One time we was there. Or an othe place. Balthali Resort. Ist in the mountain near Dhulikhel. You can trekking there and Relaxing in a great nature…

    • Oh yes, I’ve been to Nagarkot. Beautiful place, but Dhulikhel is my number one 🙂
      I heard so much about Namo Buddha. I really want to visit soon!

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