Time flies when you’re having fun

Today is a special day. An auspicious day, really. Today marks one year from the date I landed in Nepal with my one-way ticket. Is it possible that it’s ALREADY been one year? No, wait. Is it possible that it’s ONLY been one year? It feels much longer than a year, yet much shorter than a year at the same time. It’s completely confusing, I know. So many things happened in this one year, so many new people came into my life, so many new experiences challenged and enriched me. I faced emotional hurdles that I never even knew were possible. I leaped into the unknown with the confidence I never knew I had. I think I grew emotionally (waist-wise also) over the last year.

But, enough of the dramatic speech. What stuck with me mostly, you wonder? Here’s the breakdown.

1. I discovered I have a love-hate relationship with dogs. It’s only getting worse with time.

2. Driving on the right side does not necessarily get you into an accident.

3. Modern amenities, infrastructure and technology only hinder romance.

4. Think before you speak is not a common courtesy here, and I should learn to live with it.

5. Resourcefulness of people knows no boundaries.

My life in Nepal is interesting and different and exciting, yet crazy and stressful and annoying at the same time. I do think, though, that everyone should at some point experience life in a third-world country. It really puts things in perspective and values in order. It’s an eye-opening, nerve clenching experience.

I wonder what’s next for Mr.B and me – how the next year will go and where we will end up in terms of our careers, our relationship, our life together. Hopefully we walk together happily into the sunset.

That's us - walking into the sunset, I guess.

That’s us – walking into the sunset.


14 thoughts on “Time flies when you’re having fun

  1. Fun or no fun, time seems to fly much faster now than lets say 5 yrs ago and there’s no way of stopping it. 😦 Just the other day was 2 yrs since I landed in Vancouver. Can’t say it’s been what I expected but who knows what’s next for all of us…. I just hope my that we meet somewhere (Nepal, Vancouver, Croatia… or some other country) 🙂

    • Wow, two years for you, huh? Amazing! It seems like it was yesterday that we lived together. Sigh. I hope to see you soon some place. I miss you.

  2. Ya, time do fly so fast. Seems like yesterday, i came here in germany. But, in a way, ít looks like i have been here for ages.

  3. In a way it is very good that magic still goes on for you 😉
    Some people lose it prematurely. The rest of us are the childish ones that keep on discovering things.

  4. It’s a beautiful picture Z. I keep coming back to this story just to appreciate this picture. I’m so happy for you that you got to live with him after 4 years! Keep holding your hands. 🙂

  5. that’s a gorgeous photo. do you work in a rewarding job in Nepal? I think if I had that and I lived by myself without in-laws and just with hubs, I possibly could in live in Nepal 🙂 do you have any plans to move back to Croatia?

    • Thank you so much! Living in our own place would definitely make life in Nepal a bit less frustrating, but current arrangement works for now. We have no plans of moving to Croatia. Some other country maybe, but not Croatia.

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