Is that saying what I think is saying?

When in Nepal, you simply cannot miss all the funny lines on public transportation. Most of the time they make absolutely no sense and you cannot but wonder what was in the head of the person who chose to put it on there. Is it something they saw on TV? Or maybe something they heard on the radio? Or did some joke-prone tourist decide to play a little prank on the bus driver? In any case, some of the stuff you can see on buses, vans and tuk-tuks are downright hilarious and I often find myself laughing for hours about them.

Here’s my collection of best-of-the-best (copied as seen, together with the spelling mistakes): 

1. Girls R Like Medicine – (take one twice daily, I assume!?)

2. Car Google – (no clue what this means)

3. Honesty is policy – (ha, this one is good – try getting into a taxi in Kathmandu and not being cheated!)

4. Love you – (awww, I love you too…)

5. Love is true – (pretty profound for a bus saying)

6. Need for speed – (I know which taxi I’m not getting in)

7. Drive is no joke – (no sir, it certainly isn’t, yet I don’t see you being serious about it)

8. It’s my style  – (good for you)

9. 1 mistek game over (if mistek is supposed to be mistake, then yes, in traffic, one mistake definitely means game over. There are also some buses where you can see “I’m a virgin” written right before this line. Totally changes the meaning of the whole thing, doesn’t it?)

10. Racing car – (written on a taxi. Refer to number 6 for further instructions)

11. Emo – I love life – Punk – (now, there’s a conundrum)

12. Trust is wekness – (so is your spelling)

And a personal favorite for the end

13. Wait for single – (written on a bus. Either someone has serious spelling issues, or some profound life advice is being given on this bus).

There’s always something to laugh about in Kathmandu and I love it!

Diamond indeed

Diamond indeed


24 thoughts on “Is that saying what I think is saying?

  1. We laughed most at a text at the back of a bus (cramped with people on the roof): Out of side, out of mind. – Which we deciphered: if someone falls down from either sides of the bus, the driver does not think about it twice.

  2. Great collection of one liners. We, the citizens of this country also get fascinated by these “one liners”. Hope i’ll be able to collect some of those too 😉

    • Hahaha! They are something else. You wonder where they get them from!? They other day I saw a bus that said: Facebook, free wifi. What does that even mean? I am pretty sure there is no free wifi on that bus, nor that that is a Facebook bus.

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