Baby, it’s cold outside! And inside.

No, but really. It’s freezing these days in Kathmandu. Two things aid to the cold: 1. no indoor heating; 2. the fact all my winter clothes is still in Croatia. If I tell you it’s 4 degrees Celsius outside in the mornings, and 18 during the day, you’ll tell me I am a wuss and cannot handle a bit of cold. What you don’t know is that it’s not much warmer in the house either. Let me see you get out of the bed in the morning when your room measures, oh let’s say, 10 degrees. Ha, not so brave any more, are you? That’s what I thought. Seriously, not having indoor heating is the worst. There is no way of escaping the cold. You need to shower, and occasionally take off your clothes. You need to get out of the warm bed in the morning and in the cold. And it’s not easy. Luckily, most of the days are sunny and you get a chance to warm up during the day, but then there are some days when the fog lingers and clouds set upon Kathmandu. It’s then when I really long for my coat and new Ugg boots. On days like that I also skip my shower. You see, water in Nepal is warmed up using solar system. No sun, no hot water. No hot water on a 4 degree morning, no shower for Ms.Z. For the sake of others mostly, I always hope a no-sun period lasts for one day only. Even though, in this cold weather, there’s no chance of breaking a sweat anyway.

We all know of these dear and near (European) neighbours who like to be comfy and warm in their sandals as well.



It turns out, this particular fashion is quite popular in Nepal too, though mostly among female population. With the colder weather girls don’t bother with getting warmer shoes. They simply throw on some socks and go around sporting their flip-flops / sandals. Frugal. Though I’m not sure it’s practical. I would assume socks get dirty quite fast in the never-settling Kathmandu dust, and from personal experience I can tell you it’s not easy walking in flip-flops with socks on. Kudos to very coordinated girls in Nepal! I will, however, very gladly buy Ugg boots and sport them until the cold is gone (maybe even beyond – my feet are like ice cubes all year long).

How are you staying warm this winter?

p.s. Woot, woot! 300 followers! Thanks guys, you rock!

6 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside! And inside.

  1. I was telling my parents few days ago on skype, that weather changed thrice in Kathmandu, while it’s just changing for the first time here in NZ since I arrived here 9 months ago. I came when winter was almost over in Kathmandu, to witness the beginning of winter here. It’s middle of summer, and yesterday it was cold! I actually preferred winter to summer. I mean nepali winter with treats of sunshine, to any burning hot summer. But had too much of it now!
    Cold water is surely a pain in Ktm. But have patience, winters aren’t that long there. And socks, I wear them all the time in winters. I get cold flu if I sleep without socks on, family trait, I guess. A hot water bag helps too 🙂

  2. Hi (again) from Banepa–where it’s always colder than Kathmandu since it’s at a higher elevation. While that’s nice in the summer, it means it’s a “bit” nippy here in the winter! We stay warm with a gas water heater and a gas room heater. I could not live without them and I call them my best friends! 🙂 We also have a small electric heater in the bathroom and about five minutes before showering, we heat up the room. That same heater has a switch that can make it a fan in the summer. I love it. (It’s from Bhat-Bhateni, my favorite store!) It’s really helpful. There’s still time before Christmas (just barely!) to ask for any and/or all of these! I’m sure your husband would get a better price at a shop than the fixed prices at Bhat-Bhateni. Also from Bhat-Bhateni (maybe elsewhere too, but I don’t know) we have electric bed warmers, like an electric blanket, but you put them under the sheets. They really make the bed cozy to climb into. (We have two–his and hers, so we can each use our own heat setting.) By the way, I also use the knitted jacket I bought in Thamel in the house. It’s really warm, and since it’s knitted it’s like wearing a sweater. Under the “Labels” in my blog, you can find the post (under Weather) about our first winter here if you want to read about it. Well, I guess that’s enough! Bye and Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks for all your very useful advice! I will definitely take a stroll through Bhat Bhateni – electric blanket sounds amazing. I definitely need that! 🙂 I also cannot wait for the weather to warm up in Ktm.

  3. I know exactly what you wrote . the temperatures in ktm seem to be very pleasant for a winter in europe. but I also know that it is just cold everywhere. in each locally, in the homes, hotels, shops and anywhere else where there is no sun . one feels it everywhere only cold. moreover, if you have no hot shower. there’s only a small radiators for home to sale . funny I also found that I met many Nepalis who were thick boxed up, but wore down no socks and wore flip flops. wish you a good happy new year. in march we will flight to KTM. Are you there to that time? maybe we can meet………….:)

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