Lovebirds, NOT!

Have you ever watched that Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”? No? Don’t even bother. Just come to Kathmandu and you’ll have a horror movie of your own. Birds are everywhere.  E-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! My office is conveniently situated next to a large tree which houses, what sounds like, hundreds of crows. All day long they jump on the roof producing a horrible scratching sound with their claws, at the same time making a terrible cawing sound. Crows are not cute birds to have around. They remind me of death, which is actually horrible, because I’m surrounded by them all day every day. It definitely does not send a comforting message. I can, however, live with the crows and their god-awful sounds. Even when they eat a dead pigeon on the roof of my office. That actually happened, yup. The birds I definitely cannot stand are the rats of the bird world – pigeons. I hate pigeons. Truly and honestly hate them. You’re probably think I’m an animal hater, all the way. Au contraire, my reader, au contraire. I am an animal lover. I might be scared of most of the animals, but I certainly love them. Pigeons, however, are a completely different story. First of all,  they have this ability of dirtying everything up in just one day. They stink and their feathers appear randomly all over the place. Secondly, the sound they make is the most annoying morning alarm I have ever had in my life.

I find it a tiny bit disturbing that I got this photo from

I find it a tiny bit disturbing that I got this photo from

For whatever reason, a significant number of pigeons has decided our house would be a good place to live and procreate. They used up every possible nook and cranny to set up their nests and live a comfortable life. At first I was not even paying attention to them, as there were only a few and they didn’t make much noise or dirt. But then, all of their cousins decided to move to our place too. Suddenly, I was waking up to cooing outside the window, pigeon feathers on the floor and a horrible stench. That’s when I lost it. Mr.B. was sent head-first into the fight. Armed with a stick, he shooed all the birds away, and then the outer wall was washed from all the pigeon dirt. Such a relief. Which unfortunately, didn’t last for too long. Pigeons keep coming back, in a smaller number though, and one of my daily tasks is to bang on the window to scare them away. But they are one fearless bunch. And they creep me out so much. How does one get rid of these annoying flying rats?

4 thoughts on “Lovebirds, NOT!

  1. As I have said elsewhere, pigeons are entitled to enjoy their lives as much as any one else. When we learn to respect all creatures then we will have progressed. Unfortunately, humans are the worst species on the planet. Very few pigeons have wiped out millions in world wars, for example.

    • I completely agree with you. Everything you’ve said is right. However, the fact is that pigeons are very dirty, and when they soil the house facade it starts decaying and smelling really bad. So if I could have a choice (which apparently I don’t), I would choose not to have pigeon nests on the roof of my house. That’s all.

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