Change is fun

It’s amazing how the weather here changed, what it seems, overnight. One day it was gloomy, dark and rainy, and the next morning I was awoken to sun peering in through the curtains and deep blue skies. Rain has given way to the sun. Monsoon has given way to the dry season. Yes, there still is occasional rain, but days have become significantly cooler, sunnier and spring-like. And the best part of all – there is a constant breeze that makes the air cleaner, clearer and cooler. It also drives all the kids up to the rooftops with kites in their hands. Have you ever read that book “The Kite Runner”? I have. It’s a good book. I’m not mentioning it because of all the bad stuff that happens in the book, but rather because of the tradition of kite flying. Apparently that does not happen only in Afghanistan. It seems kids here cannot wait for this time of the year when they climb their rooftops and fly kites all day long. When you look up to the sky, all you see is colorful kites making circles in the wind.

Didn't snap any photos myself so I used this one  from

Didn’t snap any photos myself so I used this one from

The other day was Nepal bandh here in Kathmandu. Bandh is essentially a strike called by whoever is not satisfied with something (usually political parties) which stops the life in the city completely. No vehicles are allowed on the roads, and all the markets and major businesses close for that day. It’s extremely inconvenient and annoying because it doesn’t really do much in achieving the goals of whoever called the bandh, but it significantly negatively affects the life or normal people who still need to get to work, this time walking all the way to their offices. I think the only ones happy because of the bandh are kids. There is no school and they are free to play all day long. As I said, the other day was bandh, which meant all the kids stayed home from school. When I looked out the window I saw kites whooshing out in the sky and I realized that almost every rooftop had a kid on it, playing and running around. It was an amazing sight. Apparently, Dasain time, which is coming up in December is the time when people get together, eat, play cards, celebrate and fly kites. I am excited to witness it myself. I noticed we have a kite up here in the attic waiting for the right time to be released towards the deep blue sky. I think it’ll be an awesome day when that happens.

14 thoughts on “Change is fun

  1. I will miss Dashain this year agian. And maybe.. for all time. Not to shed my worries here, this post was highly delightful. I’m living vicariously through your posts! 🙂

  2. You just made my day. I was looking for information about the monsoon in Nepal and accidentially found your blog. Wonderful, informative and most of all such fun. You really have your way with the words.

    We are supposed to be packing for Nepal, but here I am, reading your fantastic blog. For the past month I have been going through travel guides (Lonely Planet and Insight Guide) – when I should have been reading this blog. You have written of so many subjects that really interest us, subjects that have not been even mentioned in travel guides.

    I am so happy to hear that the kites have taken place of the rain in Kathmandu. From now on it will be just better and better, I am sure. And Dashain coming too!

    Just three days and we will be there too. If you see a white Finnish-looking face grinning like a madwoman, it is probably me. So give me a wave!

    • HI Tiina! So exciting that you are coming to Nepal. Well, actually, you’re probably already here. As you will see for yourself, internet service around here is somewhat unreliable, so lately I have been going weeks without the internet, hence my late reply.
      Thank you for your kind words. Hopefully you will find my stories useful as you make your way through Nepal. Living here really opens your eyes to things other than tourist sights. Living in a very Nepali residential area is definitely making my experience completely different and valuable. I don’t know how long you’ll be staying, but regardless, I hope you have a wonderful time and see beyond the dust and pollution. Kathmandu is so much more than chaos!

      • Greetings from Nepal! We spent a wonderful but tiring month in the land of wonders – half of it exploring the sights of Kathmandu, the other half elsewhere (Bhaktapur, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel and Pokhara).

        Will continue follow your blog. So keep up the good work!

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