Weather, you fraudster, you!

Let me tell you something about the weather in Nepal during summer months; during monsoon. It’s tricky, that bastard. Always on a mission to fool me over. One minute the sun is shining and there is no single cloud in the sky. The next minute, and I mean this in a literal way, the very next minute, rain is pouring like there’s no tomorrow. When I’m getting ready to go out I look out the window and see sunny beautiful weather perfect for those white pants and flip flops. Before I even manage to open my closet, the apocalypse has come and dumped all of its water on Kathmandu.

Last week Mr.B. and I set off to meet a friend for lunch (hello Doctor!). Weather was beautiful! It was so hot, so sunny and wonderful and it made me wanna stroll down the street and hum songs about spring. Which obviously I didn’t do. But what I did, stupidly, was put on my white pants. And my flip flops. Now, white pants in Kathmandu are never a good choice, even in the driest of weather, but I was willing to risk it seeing that I would only be walking from the car to the restaurant and back. What I didn’t count on was the sneaky weather. As soon as we got in the car and set off for the city, rain started sprinkling. I was still keeping my hopes high and when it was still dry by the time we reached the restaurant, I thought I was lucky. Oh how stupid of me to think that way! Half way through our meal rain started pouring. Buckets. And it didn’t stop for couple of hours during which we had several appetizers, main course and two desserts. After a while staying in the restaurant just became old (and a bit expensive too) so we decided to risk it and run to the car. We had a 10 minute walk to the parking lot, mind you, so it definitely wasn’t a short run. Of course, we had no umbrella. We left it in the car, because that’s what people do in the monsoon. They leave the umbrella in the car and walk around looking like wet dogs.

Don't be fooled - the weather might seem nice, but it's really only waiting for you to put on your best outfit

Don’t be fooled – the weather might seem nice, but it’s really only waiting for you to put on your best outfit

Rain was still pouring and I said goodbye to my hair and make up before stepping out of the restaurant, but I forgot that my flip flops, flip flop a lot. More than the average flip flops. By the time we reached the car Mr.B. was contemplating letting me get in the car because my pants were bound to dirty up the seats. Now that I think of it, he didn’t say what the alternative would be. I wonder whether he wanted me to take the pants off before getting in the car or taking public transportation. Anyways, none of the above happened and we arrived home wet and dirty, with clean car seats. When I took off my clothes I realized that I was muddy all the way to the half of my back. I really need to reconsider my walking style. Something must we wrong with my legs.

Our Didi was “happy” when she saw my white pants all stained, but I gave her a look of desperation (I might’ve even teared up a bit) in hopes she would pity me and wash my pants without getting too angry for all the scrubbing she needed to do. Pants are now all clean and white again, and even though it’s sunny and nice outside right now, I will burry these pants deep in my closet and not take them out until summer time in Croatia. Weather here is a sneaky devil.


6 thoughts on “Weather, you fraudster, you!

  1. There was this one time I got completely soaked on the way to work even with an umbrella 😦
    Since that day onwards, I always carry an extra outfit. Monsoon is a terrible time in Kathmandu. It turns into Venice in some areas. I hope you never have to experience that.. 😉

    • Ah yes, the famous canals of Kathmandu! Been there, seen that. It’s totally crazy here when it rains. And all the stuff that starts floating in the streets… yuck. I prefer dry weather, though I have to admit I am torn – rain or electricity, it’s a tough call.

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