Should I be offended?

It’s no secret that Nepali women have wonderful hair. Wherever you look, you can see black silky waves falling down girls’ shoulders. They spend a lot of time grooming their hair – oiling it, and brushing it, and making it all shiny and silky. But, I’m pretty sure that even without that, their hair would still be amazing. In fact, Asians in general have great hair. I once read somewhere that asian race has the best quality of hair amongst all other races. Caucasians for example, have the greatest genetic diversity, while blacks have the best teeth! But I’m digressing.

Back to the hair. I have never had nice hair. I’ve always felt like I am missing on something for not having a long, full, luscious hair like most of my friends. My hair has always been, thin, silky and feathery – I like to call it a-three-year-old’s hair. I have a friend whose hair is amazing. Divine. We grew up together and she always wore her hair braided in a thick braid. Oh how I envied her! Interestingly, she’s been cutting her hair short for years now, and I still simply cannot understand why. Oh, well, to each his own.

The other day Mr.B. and I went grocery shopping to the Wal-Mart of Nepal, Bhat Bhateni supermarket. As we pushed our cart filled with absolute necessities for my survival, like bread and butter, towards the cash register, I remembered I need a nail polish remover. Off I went in search of it, and after couple of minutes of pointless wandering between the shelves, I was approached by a young girl, a shop assistant, and offered some help. Nail polish remover has been located within seconds and I gratefully smiled to the girl. As I was about to leave she stopped me asking: Do you need anything else madam? – a short pause, couple-of-seconds-too-long look at my hair, and then – A shampoo maybe? Ouch! What a slap to my self-confidence. I was never too confident about my hair, but I may never recover from this.

4 thoughts on “Should I be offended?

  1. My hair is like yours thin and feathery and I had always envy people with long nice hair.But now I have made peace with my hair and now I am OK with it. I know I will never have a good one so just do what can with what I have 🙂

    About the gal, I think she is just trying to do her job so don’t be offended. You know these gals need to look busy otherwise they will get in trouble and talking to customers is just part of their job.

  2. I think it was a sales pitch gone bad, nothing in particular related to Nepal or Nepalese. May be she didn’t even realize it might be offensive, so lets give her a benefit of doubt for being naive 🙂

  3. Hehehe, of course she wasn’t trying to offend me. She was being really nice and polite; i just found it really funny how she, of all things, offered shampoo. But, of course, she wasn’t being mean. 🙂

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