Hidden gems

Kathmandu is a hectic and polluted city that, to a westerner not used to so much hustle and bustle, might seem completely disorganized and unlivable. First of all, it would be tough to define locations by using street names. Even if street names were there, there would be no way of identifying the particular street, because the name is not written anywhere. The safest bet is having the location explained to you by using well-know sights close-by. Secondly, and I cannot stress this enough, traffic in Kathmandu is horrendous. However, even tough it doesn’t seem that way, there is a certain order to it. There seem to be some rules most people are following, so I have yet to witness an accident.

Most of the places in Kathmandu look shabby on the outside, and if you didn’t know better, you’d avoid getting in the small alleys thinking the only thing that you might find in there would be shady guys and stray dogs. But what I’ve found to be true, and this goes for most places in the world, is that best restaurants/bars/shops are found in the unexpected places, with a shabby outside, in a not-so-good of a neighborhood.

The other night Mr.B. came home from work late, tired, but he was being a really good husband and agreed to take me out for an ice cream since, at that point, I’ve been stuck in the house for couple of days. As soon as we got out it started raining, and without street light (the electricity was out) we could hardly see anything. But, off we went in search of a good ice cream place. We’ve been to Baskin Robbins (which, btw, I wonder whether it’s just a knock-off of the real thing!?) many times already so we dismissed that idea and instead opted for a different kind of dessert after all. Mr.B. said he knew of a great place for desserts pressing on the gas pedal and zipping through the empty streets of Kathmandu. Suddenly we ended up in a neighborhood filled with shady-looking guys and dark alleys (or was is just the rain and house-arrest playing tricks on my mind?) and before I even managed to comment on it, Mr.B. pulls up in a driveway which opens up to a wonderful yard and an even nicer restaurant. Imago Dei – cute, cute place. All the way from the entrance I spotted the chocolate cream pie and there was no doubt in my mind – I had to have it. And, oh boy, did I gulp it down. It was one of the best cream pies I’ve ever had and there I was sitting in the shady Kathmandu neighborhood indulging on an American dessert in a cute restaurant contemplating on unexpected surprises in life. You never know what awaits behind the corner – maybe an amazing cream pie, maybe something even better. No alley should go unexplored.


5 thoughts on “Hidden gems

  1. Ms. Z, you should try the Cheese cake there. That place is mainly famous for Cheese cakes.
    PS: – one of my fav hang outs too. πŸ™‚

  2. Imago Dei, one of my favourite restaurants. πŸ˜€

    My dear M, also adores their cheesecakes. You should try their pasta with artichokes which is on the specials menu(which rarely changes btw) ..think you’ll like it πŸ™‚


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