Manang – simple name for a wonderful place

I have never been a very outdoorsy person. It might have something to do with the fact I get blisters on my feet by wearing flip-flops, so just thinking of putting on hiking shoes makes my feet swell and hurt. I have successfully avoided hiking since I’ve spent my whole life living at the sea level and never really had an opportunity (or was challenged) to hike, trek and whatnot. Swimming always worked out much better for me. Since meeting Mr.B. I’ve been more closely introduced to hiking and trekking. And by introduced I mean Mr.B. talked and I listened commenting occasionally on how I would most probably die if I were to venture out in the mountains. Mr.B. trekked a lot when he was a kid, and lately his work got him traveling to mountain areas more often. One of the places that actually made me want to go hiking and see with my own eyes is Manang.

Manang is a district in Central Nepal close to Nepal-Tibet border. Dictrict actually got its name from the biggest village in the area, Manang. The valley is rich in fauna and flora and offers tremendous opportunitires, and is also a trekking crossroads of three different routes, two of which lead to Lhasa, Tibet. This area is commonly used as a transportation route for huge herds of sheep and yaks. People from Manang are known as best traders of Nepal and often sell metals, precious stones, musk and herbs.

Photos Mr.B. has taken  on his trip are amazing, so feast your eyes and quickly pack your bags for a trek to Manang!

Breakfast time!

Breakfast time!





Don't you wanna go here?

Don’t you wanna go here?

I love this

So peaceful…


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